NBA News – Cleveland Cavaliers

mitchell-barrett-usatsi.png Mitchell Traded to Cavaliers – Donovan Mitchell was traded, seemingly out of the blue, to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday, and the low-hanging fallout story for the New York Knicks is going to be striking out on yet another superstar pursuit. It’s not an unreasonable takeaway. The Knicks eventually have to actually hook one of these big fish they’re always trolling after.  But the wrong deal can impact a franchise just as significantly as the right one. Of all the stars the Knicks have, to varying degrees, pursued of late, are we sure Mitchell would’ve been the right one to land? First, are we sure Donovan Mitchell is a superstar? He’s very good. On offense. He’s proven himself as a big-time playoff performer, and that has to matter a great deal. But a Mitchell-Jalen Brunson backcourt sounds awfully small and defensively vulnerable. If the Knicks had given up RJ Barrett, whom they were reportedly offering, in a deal to acquire Mitchell, plus a boatload of future picks, it would’ve largely removed them from the chase of another All-Star down the line. Read more at: (Brad Botkin/CBS NBA)

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