NFL News – Lamar Jackson

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson says he requested trade: Team not 'interested in meeting my value'  BREAKING NEWS:  QB Lamar Jackson Requested Trade from RavensThe Lamar Jackson drama took another turn. On Monday, the former NFL MVP announced on Twitter that he requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens on March 2. “A letter to my Fans,” Jackson wrote. “I want to first thank you all for all of the love and support you consistently show towards me. All of you are amazing and I appreciate y’all so much. I want you all to know not to believe everything you read about me.” The Ravens used the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson on March 7. The tender is worth $32.416 million in 2023, and they’ll have until July 17 to reach a multi-year extension. The non-exclusive nature of the tag allows Jackson, who does not employ an agent, to negotiate with other clubs. Last Thursday, the NFL sent a memo to teams warning them they are not to negotiate with a non-NFLPA-certified agent who may be contacting them on Jackson’s behalf. Read more at:  (Kevin Patra/

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